My KRON 4: Oakland road rage incident caught on camera


OAKLAND (KRON) — A case of road rage was caught on camera in Oakland.

This MyKRON4Story happened last Friday. One man said another man pointed a gun at him and wasn’t even arrested by Oakland police.

The alleged gun-pointing wasn’t caught on camera but the aftermath was.

Washington Wiley said he was cut off numerous times getting off on Highway 580 at Seminary Avenue last Friday. Eventually, he got out of his car and that was when he says a gun was pointed at him.

“You tryin’ to shoot somebody you just threatened?” Wiley said on the video. “What’s your license plate? I’m makin’ a report on you….Look at the gun in his hand…”

Wiley says the man is an officer and is outraged over his actions.

The Oakland Police Department did issue a statement saying, “The Oakland Police Department is aware of the incident and we continue the investigation. At this time, we are unable to release any additional information.”

They won’t confirm if this man was an officer, and if he was an officer in the Bay Area.

No arrests have been made.

Watch the above video to see J.R. Stone’s full report.

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