VIDEO: Marin County widow of slain yoga teacher testifies

Morrison Lampley with lawyer


SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (KRON) — The widow of a popular Northern California yoga teacher shot dead while walking his dog last year testified about the last time she saw her husband alive.

Lokita Carter told a judge Monday that her husband Steve Carter left their Marin County, California home at about 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 5 to take the couple’s dog for a walk. He was found shot to death a few hours later near a popular hiking trail. His dog was also shot but survived.

Carter talked about her last exchange with her husband and how their car was used to track down and eventually capture the suspects.

Lila Alligood and attorney.

The widow’s testimony occurred during a hearing scheduled to determine whether there’s enough evidence for 18-year-old Lila Alligood and 23-year-old Morrison Lampley to stand trial for the murders of Carter and a Canadian backpacker shot dead in San Francisco on Oct. 3.

Alligood was very emotional for the proceedings.

A third suspect took a plea bargain last week and is now going to testify against his friends. The attorneys outside of court talked about how this could affect their case.

“We are now dealing with a convicted murderer who pled guilty to murder,” Lampley’s attorney Pedro Oliveros said.

“The co-defendant takes a deal in return for making a statement that he’d be willing to testify to as to what went on….It’s never always the truth,” Alligood’s attorney Amy Morton said.

Besides Carter, the two are charged with killing tourist Audrey Carey. They could be facing life in prison if convicted.

The hearing was continued until Sept. 19.

The associated press contributed to this report


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