VIDEO: Suspects break into two Sacramento County gun stores


SACRAMENTO COUNTY (KRON) — Police in Sacramento County are still looking for the suspects who broke into two gun stores on Sunday.

But they did not end up stealing anything. Surveillance video at the first shop shows them ramming the front door open with their car.

Then, the masked suspects run through the store, apparently trying to figure out where the guns are, police said. They tried to break down every single door from the office to the restroom, even using a hammer.

The three people spent less than 2 minutes in the store before realizing they weren’t going to get their hands on any guns, police said. The thieves then tried another gun store in Sacramento County.

And again, they left empty-handed. The owners of both places kept their glass cases empty at night and locked up the guns behind dead-bolted doors, as required by federal law.

Police are hoping the surveillance video will help them track down the suspects, despite the fact they all had hoods and masks.

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