Woman allegedly takes $1M from elderly victims for fake offers to buy homes

SANTA CLARA COUNTY (BCN) — A real estate agent suspected of convincing two elderly people in Santa Clara County to write checks for fake offers to buy homes was arrested earlier this month, sheriff’s officials said today.

Lathrop resident Geana Or, also known as Geana Lay, was arrested on suspicion of grand theft and elder abuse, sheriff’s Sgt. James Jensen said.

Detectives first learned about the case involving the first victim, a 73-year-old man, who wrote 10 cashier’s checks in Or’s name that totaled $475,000, Jensen said.

Or allegedly approached the victim to buy two Bay Area homes that she claimed were reaching foreclosure and convinced him to write the checks between January and March of 2015, Jensen said.

Detectives found a second victim, a resident of the southern portion of Santa Clara County, who also lost a similar amount of money by writing cashier’s checks to Or, according to Jensen.

In December, both victims were told their transactions didn’t go through and they weren’t reimbursed for their payments, Jensen said.

Detectives obtained a $1 million warrant for Or, who was arrested on May 1. She was booked into San Joaquin County Jail for transport back to Santa Clara County Jail, according to Jensen.

Or obtained her real estate license in January 2007 and it is set to expire in 2019, according to online state records.


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