Good samaritan searches, rescues abandoned dog. $1,000 reward to find person(s) responsible.

Courtesy: Chris Guio

HALF MOON BAY (KRON) — A good samaritan became aware of a couple abandoning a dog at Mavericks Beach in Half Moon Bay and decided to try and find the dog herself.

Good samaritan, Chris Guio, was told by a witness that saw a male and female bring a dog to the beach but then they threw the ball for the dog and then the couple got in the car and took off.

When she heard about this, she went down to the beach at 9:00 p.m. in efforts to find the dog o the dark trail.

Half Moon Bay Dog
Courtesy: Chris Guio

Guio spotted the dog but she was not able to catch him due to his scared state.

Guio posted information on Facebook in hopes for the public to keep an eye out for this dog.

Guio returned to the beach the following morning. The dog was still there, apparently waiting for his owner.

With the help of two others that showed up that morning, Guio and the other two people were able to catch him. They then waited for the Humane Society to come pick him up.

The dog is in good condition with no injuries and now at the Peninsula Humane Society’s Intake Center in San Mateo.

The Peninsula Humane Society says one of its investigators will interview the witness who saw the dog being abandoned.

The Peninsula Humane Society is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible. It is a crime to abandon a pet, criminal abandonment is a misdemeanor, according to The Peninsula Humane Society.

The dog is on a four-day hold at the Humane Society, so the owner can claim him before he can be put up for adoption. If no one comes forward after four days, the dog will become property of the Peninsula Humane Society and the group will try to rehome the dog through adoption.

Guio said the dog has to pass medical and behavioral test to be put up for adoption. Guio is hoping that he passes but is worried that will not be the case as shelters are not the ideal place for that sort of testing as the dogs are usually frightened.

Guio said the dog was patiently waiting for his owner all night and he deserves a good home. “I saw a very sweet side to him once he relaxed and started to trust us a little. He even licked me”, Guio said.

Guio hopes to raise public awareness, to find the people that did this and to find the dog a good home and not euthanized.

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