TRAFFIC: construction on Embarcadero Bridge, closure of old bridge

Embarcadero Bridge Local Traffic Detour Map Note: Detour is for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. All streets have sidewalks and bicycle roadway markings. Courtesy: Oakland Public Works

OAKLAND (KRON) — Heavy construction will begin on the Embarcadero Bridge on Friday, May 13, 2016, with the closure of the old bridge.

The Embarcadero Bridge, which spans the Lake Merritt Channel where it joins the Oakland-Alameda Estuary, will be replaced by a new, seismically safer structure with enhanced pedestrian and bicycle access.

Digital signs are on the roadway to alert roadway users of the closure. Letters to residents and businesses in the area were emailed, emailed and hand delivered so everyone could be aware of the charges in advance.

During construction, the Embaradero (between Estuary Park and 5th Ave.) will be closed, and through traffic will be detoured to the 7th Street Bridge as shown in the detour map.

The new bridge is expected to be opened in May of 2018.

Oakland Public Works is making every effort to minimize inconveniences to local businesses, residents, and the traveling public.

Additional updates will be provided during the course of construction.

More information is available on the project webpage:

City of Oakland and Oakland Public Works contributed to this report.

Project Description:

The new bridge will be wider (59 feet versus the current 37 feet). In addition to 12-foot vehicle travel lanes in each direction, it will accommodate a 6-foot bike lane in each direction, a 5-foot wide sidewalk on the north side, and a 12-foot wide multi-use path on the south (Estuary) side. This expansion will allow for continuity of pedestrian and bicycle access along the waterfront trail. The new bridge will have higher clearance over the water to allow kayaks and canoes to maneuver under the bridge. The project will also have new street lighting, landscaping, new restroom facilities and planted rainwater treatment areas at both ends to improve water quality.

The long-awaited seismic upgrade of the bridge was determined to be more cost effective and better than a mere retrofit and will improve infrastructure far into the future. The project costs of $23 million are funded 97% from federal, state and local resources.

Additional information about the project, including a fact sheet and frequently asked questions at Additional information and periodic updates are also available on the project webpage.

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