Video shows San Francisco police car hitting bicyclist


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — New video posted on YouTube by dashcam app Nexar shows a San Francisco police car hitting a cyclist.

The video was published on Thursday, which was Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area.

The 30-second video shows the police car moving left from the right-turn lane and hitting the cyclist. The officer immediately stopped the car and checked on the bicyclist hit, who was seen laying on the floor.

“The Department has received questions regarding whether the officer was responding in emergency mode. There is nothing in the investigation to indicate that the officer was responding with red light and siren, or that the officer indicated to investigators that he was operating the vehicle with red light and siren,” police said in a press release.

KRON reached out to San Francisco police about the video.

“This occurred yesterday at Mission and (Second) Streets,” police spokesman Albie Esparaza said. “There is an investigation into this both an administrative and collision in nature. The officer summoned medics who transported the bicyclist from the scene.”

The video was captured with Nexar, “an app that turns your phone into a smart dashcam”

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