Deputies: Woman threw dog out of moving minivan

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Florida deputies need your help locating a woman who they said threw a dog out of a moving minivan Friday morning in New Port Richey.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office posted the photo of the dog on its Facebook page hoping to find the woman.

The incident happened at the intersection of Orchid Lake Road and Floral View Way early Friday morning. The woman driving a white or grey minivan tossed the mixed-breed dog out of the vehicle.

Neighbor Greg Rehm is outraged. “People have struck bottom and they continue to dig,” he told WFLA while standing feet from where the dog was located. “Between shelters and at least people in this neighborhood, anyone, anyone of them would have taken the dog … There’s no test for intelligence anymore so expect anything.”

Another neighbor, Jim Shelton, expressed his disgust a little more bluntly. “They need their butts kicked,” he said. “That’s not even fair for the dog. That’s real inhumane.”

When Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived on scene, they too were in disbelief.

“It’s disgraceful,” Corporal Mike Celeste said as he saw the 1-year-old, 40-pound pup. The dog somehow found his way underneath another car. The dog, Joe, was seemingly frozen.

“It wouldn’t move,” Corporal Celeste said. “It wouldn’t lay down. It wouldn’t walk. We actually had to pick it up and had to put it in to the animal control van.”

Joe was rushed to the San Francis Veterinary Hospital in Spring Hill where he was in very rough shape.

“It’s decreased his lung capacity by about half so that’s why you see him, he’s acting like he’s struggling,” Dr. Tyler Pelfrey said. Pelfrey told WFLA all of Joe’s organs were forced into his abdominal cavity, and his diaphragm broke.

The dog also has a broken pelvis. He will undergo surgery Monday. While Joe will most likely survive, doctors are not sure if he will walk again.

The surgery will be free as the veterinarian and veterinarian techs will donate their time for the surgery, which is expected to last several hours.

The suspect is described as a large, heavy set female. She is approximately 45 years old, with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing glasses.

If you have any information about this case, please call the sheriff’s office tips line at (800) 706-2488.

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