Wanted suspect arrested after jumping from hotel window

ANTIOCH (BCN) — A man who has allegedly fled from police on multiple occasions was arrested last week in Antioch after he jumped from a window on a hotel’s third story in an attempt to flee once more, according to a police report.

Antioch police were alerted at 6:38 p.m. Tuesday that 33-year-old Sean Rosevear, a man wanted on $720,000 worth of warrants, was staying at the Days Inn & Suites at 1605 Auto Center Drive, according to the report.

Rosevear was being sought in connection with a pursuit involving a stolen vehicle on Oct. 13 that ended with a crash into a BART track support pillar in Concord. On April 25, he also evaded Concord police who spotted him near Wren Avenue Elementary School.

When Antioch police arrived to arrest Rosevear last Tuesday, he responded to them entering his hotel room by leaping out of a window, according to police.

He suffered major injuries in the fall but still tried to flee on foot, police said.

Officers caught up to Rosevear a few hundred yards away and he allegedly scuffled with them but was eventually taken into custody, according to police.

He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of the injuries he suffered in the fall. No other details about the case were immediatewANTreleased.

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