Chicago man chokes 8-year-old girl in public bathroom

CHICAGO (WATE) – The Chicago Sun Times reports that an 8-year-old girl was choked by a man who was in the women’s bathroom.

The girl’s mother was shopping when her daughter went to the restroom alone. The mother heard a scream and ran into the bathroom where she found 33-year-old Reese M. Hartstirn carrying the unconscious little girl into a stall.

He had used his hands to strangle her until she passed out.

Other store patrons assisted the mother in restraining Harstirn until police arrived to arrest him.

The girl was taken to a hospital but no information on her condition is available.

Harstirn was charged with felony kidnapping and aggravated battery of a child as well as misdemeanor counts of battery.

He received an additional charge of aggravated assault of a peace officer when he took a swing at the officer who arrested him, Chicago Police Department, said.

He remains in jail without bond until his court date which is set for May 16.

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