VIDEO: 8-year-old San Bernardino girl mauled by neighborhood dog on way to school shares her story


SAN BERNARDINO (KRON) — An 8-year-old San Bernardino girl mauled by a neighborhood dog on her way to school is sharing her story.

Surveillance video shows the girl walking on the sidewalk when the dog comes up behind her and goes on the attack.

“Seemed really long, I thought I was gonna die at that point,” victim Gabby Jones said.

Security cameras captured a pit bull viscously attacking 8-year-old Gabby Jones on her way to school Wednesday.

It charged at her out of nowhere.

“It came towards me,” she said. “I thought it was gonna go past me, but it actually, I never thought it would drag me by my hand. It tore my leg and tore my ear.”

The second grader was taken to the hospital with painful injuries to her face, ear, hand, and leg.

She has gotten stitches and her mother said she will require surgery.

“She was just sitting there dripping full blood,” mother Rebecca Hernandez said.

The attack happened near l and Congress streets in San Bernardino. Her mother credits two neighbors for saving Gabby’s life.

They rushed to help.

Within seconds, you can see the man in the video kicking the pit bull away. Another neighbor called 911.

“Everybody was just standing around with their cameras, and he’s the only one that had the guts and the courage to go help her,” Hernandez said. “Nobody else did. Everybody was just watching.”

Gabby’s mom believes the dog escaped from a neighbor’s house.

“The dog was already loose and out and about it came charging,” Hernandez said.

She has lost a child before, and this incident leaves her extremely emotional.

“I lost a daughter 12 years ago, so it’s like bringing back a lot of emotions, and I’m just grateful my baby’s here because I don’t know what I’d do without her,” Hernandez said.

Gabby said she is still in pain but wants to get this message out there.

“They should always keep their dogs inside of the gate because they’re hurting…they’re hurting others by letting the dogs hurt others, and it’s really not making our world a better place,” Jones said.

CNN contributed to this report

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