VIDEO: Residents afraid to drive on Highway 4 after string of shootings on the freeway


CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) — Fear is growing over the spreading of violence on Bay Area freeways, especially on Highway 4.

And East Bay residents are telling KRON they are feeling helpless, and some are even saying they are afraid to drive to work.

The latest shooting happened on Tuesday on Highway 4. But that was one of the nearly two dozen shootings along East Bay freeways since November.

There are people who drive on Highway 4 every day, and they said they are now driving in constant fear.

Drivers KRON spoke to said they’re now on edge and now paying closer attention to their surroundings.

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The number of shootings has raised fear in drivers. If they don’t need to take the freeways, they said they will stay away.

But Robert Cakebread commutes from Antioch to Concord daily. He said he has no choice but to take Highway 4.

He is still in shock that the two shootings happened on the same stretch within a week.

“These adults, what were they arguing about that’s so important that they had to shoot at each other?” Cakebread said. “I mean what’s–you have to kill somebody?”

And he is not the only one that is concerned.

“I’m staying in Antioch. I’m staying in my town,” Cakebread said. “So, it’s not whatever this is happening. I’m staying there. I’ve been there.”

Robert was born and raised in Antioch and doesn’t plan on leaving.

He said he plans to go to the next city council meeting to find out what he can do to help stop these shootings.

The California Highway Patrol says there were at least 20 shootings on East Bay freeways since November.

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