ONLY on KRON: Boy gets hit, injured by drone during gymnastics class in Emeryville


EMERYVILLE (KRON) — Imagine getting a call and learning that your child has been hit by a drone.

It happened to one East Bay mother. And now, she is asking more questions, including whether drones should be used inside a facility around kids.

Video shows the drone striking her child. It happened last weekend.

The blade cut her son as he was doing a flip, she said. It was a minor injury, but she said she is concerned about her son’s safety and others.

“I don’t mean to get anyone in trouble,” mother Yuka Nakamura said. “But I just want safety to be the most priority–not the marketing.”

Nakamura said that the drone was being used to get video for marketing the gym and showcasing events, such as a performance this past weekend.

The gym facility’s management declined to talk with KRON about the drone.

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