VIDEO: Police investigating arson at Google Campus


MOUNTAIN VIEW (KRON) — Fire officials are investigating a fire that started with two incendiary devices at the Google Campus in Mountain view that burned a Google Earth car and part of a building.

On Thursday around 10:52 p.m., police and fire officials responded to the 1500 block of Salado Drive on a report of a fire, according to Mountain View police.

Officers and firefighters arrived on scene to find a small part of the ground and a small section of the outside of Building Two on Saldo Drive in the West Campus had been burned. Additionally, a Google Earth demo car that was parked in the front of the building had sustained minor fire damage.

Investigators found two incendiary devices at the scene. The devices have been sent to a laboratory to test the type of accelerant used and possible DNA analysis, according to Mountain View police spokesperson, Katie Nelson.

The motive for the attack is unknown. There was no treat as so far, no connection with another recent incident here.

This part of the Google Campus was more or less deserted when this incident occurred, Nelson said. Police are looking for surveillance video but there are no immediate plans to step up patrols.

Employees were going about their business day the following day, on Friday.

Google’s own security personnel are also investigating.

KRON4 News will bring you the latest on this story in our evening newscast starting at 5 p.m.

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