Possible funnel cloud rips through Knightsen, destroys women’s property

UPDATE: The National Weather Service said it was actually a microeddy current that ripped through the woman’s property.

KNIGHTSEN (KRON) — A tornado in the Bay Area?

Well actually, it could be just a funnel cloud.

A Knightsen woman said something ripped through her backyard, destroying an archway structure.

Laurie Ferguson said at around 12:30 p.m., out of nowhere, leaves started hitting her window. She looked out and said she saw something what looked like a tornado whipping around, picking up dust and weeds.

An archway that was on the property that was going to be used for an upcoming wedding was ripped in half, she said.

In the video, you can hear the wind ripping through the area.

KRON reached out to the National Weather Service and it said there are no reports of a tornado in the area, but it is probably a weak funnel cloud.

The Weather Service said it is looking into it.


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