VIDEO: Moraga residents angry over notorious party house near St. Mary’s College


MORAGA (KRON) — A notorious party house in Moraga, dormant in recent months, is once again disturbing a usually peaceful street in that town.

On Thursday night, just days before graduation, police said as many as 100 people, mostly students from St. Mary’s College, held a destructive party there.

And neighbors tell KRON It crossed the line.

One neighbor dubbed the home the “St. Mary’s House.”

That is what neighbors in Moraga have dubbed 14 Wandel Drive.

And, over the years, neighbor Julie Strong said it “has wrecked havoc on the neighborhood.”

An upset partygoer hurling insults was captured on cellphone video, as police cleared the area late Thursday night.

“Over 100 kids were in that house,” Strong said.

Strong said there were so many cars parked on the street that she couldn’t even count.

It was loud, and she also said it was very unpleasant.

“Kids get drunk, they throw up,” Strong said. “There was a girl who relieved themselves in my front yard.”

And, Moraga’s acting police Chf. Jon King said the home has been a problem for more than a decade.

“We’ve been there multiple times every year,” King said.

King said the homeowners don’t live on the property.

Instead, for years, they have rented the house out to students from St. Mary’s College.

He said police had not been called to the home since last May.

But King suspects with graduation coming up this weekend, students let loose without keeping neighbors like Strong in mind.

“I’m a school teacher — it’s terrible,” Strong said. “I went to St. Mary’s, and I never would act like that. My neighbor went to St. Mary’s and she would never act like that either.”

In this case, due to the history of the home, acting Chf. King said the homeowners received an administrative citation, which carries a $250.

“As far as the tenants of the house, they had not been warned in the last year, so they were issued party warning notices,” King said.

The police department said extra officers will be monitoring this home and several others over the weekend in anticipation of more graduation parties.


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