VIDEO: What will it take to find a new San Francisco police chief?


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — What will it take to find a new police chief for the City of San Francisco, and how does the process work?

The process to find a new permanent police chief could take three-to-six months, and it is a process that is underway right now.

Former chief Greg Suhr has been out of office for just over 24 hours.

Dr. Joseph Marshall has been on the police commission for more than a dozen years. He will be one of the people in charge of picking a new police chief, a person who will need to be ready to go on day one.

“Someone who is on-board with the changes. That is probably the most important thing on board with the new direction around use of force, around training,” commissioner Joseph Marshall said.

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He believes now acting chief Toney Chaplin is capable of holding down the fort until a permanent person is in place.

“He is highly regarded (and) very in touch with the community,” Marshall said.

The police commission will hand the mayor a list of vetted candidates, and mayor Ed Lee will have the final say.

And the new chief could be from inside or outside the department.

For those skeptical that reform is on the way, Dr. Marhsall has this to say:

“But unless you make the changes, those things can happen again, so change is going to come, definitely,” he said.

As for reform changes, body cameras are on the way.

The police commission hopes to vote on new policies and procedures by the end of June.

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