KRON4 Investigation: Oakland police sex scandal expands


OAKLAND (KRON) — The sex scandal swirling around the Oakland Police department is now expanding.

KRON has learned that the girl at the center of the controversy is putting a spotlight on others in law enforcement in another jurisdiction.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s office has confirmed it is looking into that connection.

KRON broke this story two weeks ago, and on Monday night, we have exclusive information on a connection between 18-year-old Celeste Guap and officers in the Richmond police department.

That is what multiple sources in Oakland and Richmond tell KRON was found during an Oakland police internal affairs investigation. That investigation centers around four Oakland police officers allegedly engaging in sexual activity with Guap.

According to sources, the information connecting Guap to officers in Richmond was likely discovered when she voluntarily turned her phone over to Oakland police’s internal affairs investigators.

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With this in mind, during a recent text conversation, KRON asked Celeste Guap, “I hear there are some cops in Richmond that are acting nervous…should they be?

Her response via text:

“Nervous how…no because it was all consensual , no payment and I was of age.”

KRON’s Haaziq Madyun replied via text, “Btw, your age is one factor, however, having sex with a “call girl” is a bad look for any cop, whether $ was paid or not…”

To which she wrote,

“Lmao…yes. And that’s true, understandable I guess…what if some didn’t know.”

Haaziq’s reply, “My guess is the public will still consider it a bad look.”

Haaziq came to Richmond to see what city leaders had to say about all of this. KRON reached out to police chief Allwyn Brown and mayor Tom Butt’s office.

The mayor called KRON back and said that he checked with chief Brown, and they are unaware of any accusation being made against anyone in the Richmond police department.

“The police chief and I are unaware of any accusation being made against anyone in the Richmond Police Department,” Butt said.

However, Guap is saying that she did have sex with someone at Richmond police, so far, no departmental investigation has been initiated.

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