VIDEO: May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month


PORTOLA VALLEY (KRON) — May is Lyme disease awareness month.

It is the mysterious debilitating disease that comes from tiny ticks. They are creepy blood suckers that latch on to your skin.

As if that isn’t bad enough, ticks are being blamed for one very nasty disease called Lyme that so far has no real cure.

But Lyme victims are fighting back.

You may know her as a housewife of Beverly Hills, but Yolanda Hadid is also a Lyme disease sufferer and no friend of the lowly tick.

Hadid is in the South Bay for an event, called Stand4Lyme, to support Stanford research on the mysterious disease caused by ticks.

Symptoms include fever, faitigue, and joint pain. Right now, there’s no real cure except early detection and prevention.

Some tips to avoid ticks:

If you do suspect you have been bitten and have flu-like symptoms, call your doctor.

Antibiotics are effective but only in the early stages.

A new test is being developed, one that shows the presence of Lyme disease in urine.

It’s in the early stages though, and interesting enough, is invented by a high school student.

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