KRON Investigation: Graphic details revealed about alleged Oakland police sex scandal


OAKLAND (KRON) — Graphic details are coming out about a misconduct scandal involving several Oakland police officers.

Two police officers have already resigned because of this investigation.

In a story that KRON first broke earlier this month, KRON’s Haaziq Madyun on Tuesday found some alarming messages the woman said officers texted to her or sent over social media.

Sexting photos were discovered in Celeste Guap’s cellphone, according to sources with knowledge of Oakland police’s investigation into the alleged sexual misconduct of four officers with the now 18-year-old, self-described, call girl.

On this subject, during a recent text conversation, Haaziq wrote to her, “I heard there are some compromising photos that are a part of this OPD investigation. Cops sending you pics?”

“I sent some and received some…lol,” Guap replied via text.

She told KRON that she gave Oakland police investigators access to her cellphone, so Haaziq asked, “Do you have reason to believe when OPD investigators had your phone for 2 days, and you gave them your pass code, that they saw these sexting photos?”

“Yes, they hooked it up to a machine and extracted all the information going back months,” Guap said via text.

Then Haaziq replied, “How did you get these cops to flash their privates and send it to you via text messages?”

Guap replied, “They’d ask me for some and the usual response was…look how you have me…”

She said that is when they would add a sexually explicit photo

Haaziq also asked her, “…Any sexting sent by cops when you were a juvenile?

She answered simply, “Yes there was.”

Oakland police are continuing its investigation but will not comment on its case.

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