Hot ashes from beach fire burns Iowa toddler

(KRON) — As the Memorial Day holiday weekend approaches, one mother is sending out a message to all people enjoying the outdoors.

The mother is asking for people to be aware of their surroundings and put out their camp fires properly.

One of her kids was severely burned on a fishing trip she took with her boyfriend and children.

She wants her message to be heard so that people will properly put out their fires, so another child will not have to go through what her child did.

“I feel like it’s kinda like common sense. You should — before you leave that area — you should be putting out your fire. This could happen to anybody. It doesn’t have to be just my 2-year-old,” mother Jessica Seitz said.

The incident happened over the weekend when Jessica Seitz and her family was fishing on the Cedar River in Iowa.

When the family was getting to ready to leave, her daughter tripped into a pile of ashes that were still very hot.

Her daughter received third-degree burns on both her knee and arm. Doctors said she will most likely need a skin graft.

A local fire marshall says putting sand on a camp fire will not properly extinguish the fire like the one her daughter fell on.

The best way is to use water.

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