Massachusetts puppies born without wrist bones

(Photo: GoFundMe)

Massachusetts (KRON) — A litter of puppies were born without wrist bones and now a Massachusetts animal shelter is looking to to help those puppies with the rare birth defect.

“They were born without bones in their wrists, so when they run they are actually running on their elbows or when they’re walking on their elbows, so they’re actually causing damage to their … the other bones in their legs,” said Laurie McCannon, of Northeast Animal Shelter.

In 40 years, Northeast Animal Shelter has never seen anything like it, according to CNN.

Cobalt, Carbon, and their third brother, Krypton, are from the same litter. Rescued in Georgia, their prospects looked grim. McCannon said, “They have a pretty high kill rate down there. Not a lot of people go to shelters in Georgia to adopt pets.”

Each puppy needing two surgeries on each paw. Cobalt and Carbon were ready for their first orthopedic procedure on Thursday. McCannon said, “We need the public’s help to save these guys and give them a normal life.”

So they’ve set up a GoFundMe page. Rescued once, the shelter needs $20,000 to give the three puppies a second chance. McCannon said, “It’s probably going to be about an 8-to-12 week process.”

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