Husband beats wife’s attempted rapist to death; faces manslaughter charges

NEW YORK (WCMH) — A New York man faces manslaughter charges after police said he beat another man to death who was attempting to rape his wife.

According to NBC4 New York, the 61-year-old Bronx man was charged with manslaughter after beating the would-be rapist to death in an elevator at the couple’s Washington Avenue apartment, using a tire iron.

Police sources said the alleged rapist, Earl Nash, 43, entered the building at about 10pm, forcefully entered the apartment and attempted to tear the woman’s clothes off.

When the woman’s husband started coming to her aid, Nash left the apartment, where the two engaged in a scuffle.

That’s when the husband beat Nash to death, striking him in the head and body, according to police.

The husband’s family defended him Tuesday morning, claiming he was trying to protect his wife.

Nash has 19 prior arrests and has served at least four years in state prison, sources told NBC4 New York.

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