Three SoCal women thwart man accused of trying to slip drug into woman’s drink

Michael Tsu
Michael Tsu

SANTA MONICA (KRON) — Three California women are being credited with blowing the whistle on a man accused of trying to slip a drug into a woman’s drink, police said.

Twenty-four-year-old Michael Tsu been charged with two felony counts. He is accused of trying to spike a woman’s drink at Santa Monica hotel bar last week.

One reason the story is getting lots of attention is the three friends, who claim they saw Hsu drop a white substance from a small container into his companion’s wine while she was in the restroom.

One of them later posted a Charlie’s Angels-like photo on Facebook, saying “Don’t roofie someone on our watch.”

They managed to tip off the woman involved, who was astonished, saying the man was “one of her best friends.”

They also told management at the bar, who eventually called the police.

Hsu has been arraigned and is being held in jail on $1 million bail.

Police took the wine as evidence.

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