VIDEO: Lawyer representing student in alleged Tobinworld abuse files civil claims against Oakland Unified School District


OAKLAND (KRON) — Two aides from a school in Antioch were arrested after a viral video caught them allegedly abusing a 9-year-old boy.

The incident happened at Tobinworld, a special needs school, back in January.

And on Tuesday, the lawyer representing that student has filed civil claims against the Oakland Unified School District for placing the boy at Tobinworld.

The claims alledge that the child and other special needs students at the school have been subjected to ongoing physical and psychological abuse by untrained staff members.

“Restraints like this are only supposed to be used when children are a danger to themselves or others,” the student’s attorney Peter Alfert said. “And so, when you start seeing children restrained daily, multiple times and for long periods of time, it’s a red flag that restraint is being used for other things.”

A spokesperson for the Oakland Unified School district said the district is not able to respond to the claims at this time.

The executive director of Tobinworld also said she has nothing further to add because this case now involves litigation.

In the past, she has called what happened in the video an isolated incident.

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