My KRON 4: San Pablo baseball Little League’s snack bar burglarized


SAN PABLO (KRON) — A San Pablo baseball Little League’s snack bar was burglarized on Monday night.

Thousands of dollars in cash and supplies were stolen. Earlier on Wednesday, the Little League’s athletic director showed KRON how the snack bar was trashed during the burglary.

“Yeah, they trashed it pretty good, our register was here, they took the money out and left the coin thing,” San Pablo Baseball Association Athletic Director Andre Williams said.

Someone broke into the snack bar at Hubert Davis Park in San Pablo and stole money and supplies that belonged to the San Pablo Baseball Association. Williams says he came here to drop off supplies on Tuesday at around 5 p.m. only to find the snack bar burglarized.

“This is where we keep our candy, our snacks all over here,” Williams said. “You can see they just trashed this. This refrigerator was just full and this is what they left.”

On the top shelf, there was just an open can of chili. On the bottom shelf, there was only a huge can of nacho cheese.

Williams said the food supplies are the only means of financing the Little League’s gameday needs.

He estimates the loss to be around $5,000.

“It really takes care of the umpires, the field equipment, the chalk, and it helps us with our closing ceremony, which is the trophies and our banquet hall,” Williams said.

“They just came in there and took everything,” 14-year-old second baseman Bryan Maldonado said. “It made me feel mad because that’s for us to like play,” Maldonado said.

Coach Williams said this is the first time that the snack bar has been burglarized.

He said he has no idea who did it, but he does have a message for whoever is responsible.

“Man, can you please return our money, we need our money,” Williams said.

There are several surveillance cameras set up around the field and investigators are hoping that one of those cameras captured whoever is responsible for breaking into this snack bar.

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