People are recovering from a tornado hit in Ohio

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — People in a northeast Columbus neighborhood spent Sunday cleaning up the damage from an EF-0 tornado that touched down on Saturday afternoon.

Damage to roofs, vinyl siding and trees happened along four streets: Deserette Court, Boyleston Boulevard, Niantic Drive and Hingham Lane during the storm, according to the National Weather Service. Winds reached 80 miles per hour.

Angela Price said she saw a funnel cloud touch down in the grass across from her house; the National Weather Service said it hit the ground at about 6:06pm.

“[It was] raining really bad, and then all of a sudden my house started shaking,” Price said. “[I’ve] never, ever in my life seen anything like that and I was so nervous, so scared.”

Price’s house was fine, but her neighbors’ house took a hit.

“The garage was lifted up off the ground,” Price said. “You can see their stuff coming from up under their garage, bikes and everything.”

A few blocks away, Vivian Jackson Anderson and her neighbors piled tree branches in a trailer bed.

“We lived through it,” Jackson Anderson said, laughing.

Jackson Anderson said she was outside gardening when the skies became dark.

“All of a sudden the wind started blowing, almost howling,” Jackson Anderson said. “It was just very quick.”

Neighbors said they were surprised to learn this was a tornado.

“It still makes you want to be even more thankful that, one, you were spared and then grateful that others didn’t get hurt,” Jackson Anderson said.

The storm traveled about three-tenths of a mile through northeast Columbus, according to NWS. No one was reported injured in the storm.

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