Richmond man suspected of five commercial burglaries in Petaluma

PETALUMA (KRON)—Police arrested a Richmond man Tuesday on suspicion of burglarizing five stores in downtown Petaluma.

Police obtained surveillance video of two of the burglaries on Tuesday morning, and the same man was seen in both incidents. The suspect was wearing a dark hat, trench coat and a light-colored shirt, according to police.

Officers later identified the man as Lee Stewart, 50, of Richmond.

When police found Stewart, he was wearing the same clothing that he was seen wearing during the robberies, police said.

Police searched Stewart’s pockets and found an item from one of the burglarized stores.

Stewart also had a screwdriver, coins and cash, police said. He has been charged with suspicion of two commercial burglaries, possessing a burglary tool and possessing stolen property.

Three other businesses had their windows smashed Tuesday morning and Stewart is the suspect in those incidents.

Stewart is now on $70,000 bail at the Sonoma County Jail.

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