Stanford rape case: Facebook page claims to be a Brock Turner support group


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A new Facebook page is claiming to be a Brock Turner support group.

KRON’s Vicki Liviakis went to find out more about it and who might be behind it.

It is the case that continues to outrage. The Stanford athlete Turner was sentenced to six months for sexually assaulting an unconscious student.

And now, there is a Facebook so-called support group that defends Turner and slams the accuser

It is called the Brock Turner Family Support Page. On it are posts referring to Turner as the “real victim,” with an accuser that refuses to come forward. 4D3DEA2EFE964389AD79FDD7095DCD2C

The group is also calling the case a conspiracy to keep the ex-swimmer from realizing his Olympic dreams.

And one post is blaming the victim for becoming unconscious after drinking the night of the assault.

“If you aren’t looking to swim, stay out of the pool,” the post said.

In response on Monday, Turner’s lawyer said the family is not behind the support page.

But as you can imagine, people have come unhinged over this. They have even created a counter-group, calling on Facebook to delete the page.

And a giant billboard is going up soon. A women’s organization called UltraViolet is launching a campaign calling for the removal of Santa Clara Judge Aaron Persky, who some say let Turner off with too light a sentence.


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