Good Samaritans save woman being stabbed by ex-boyfriend in San Rafael

SAN RAFAEL (KRON) — Good Samaritans came together to stop an attempted murder on Saturday morning in San Rafael.

Bill Gaito was teaching a softball pitching lesson when he and his friend, Kevin Hessleton, heard someone screaming.

At first, the two men thought the screaming might have been playful yells but found that was not the case.

A man had climbed over a fence into a woman’s yard across the street and started stabbing her with pruning shears, a commonly used gardening tool.

Gaito and Hessleton ran across the street from where they were playing ball and got into the woman’s home.

Hessleton pinned down the attacker on the ground.

Gaito then turned his attention to the injured woman.

Hessleton and Gaito stayed at the woman’s home until police arrived.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office arrested the man, Charles Tooker. Tooker had previously been dating the victim and was violating a restraining order she already had against him.

Tooker is now in jail facing several charges, including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and domestic violence.

Watch the full newscast on KRON4 News this evening.

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