Fairfield police arrest teen boy for possessing replica firearm

The replica firearm

FAIRFIELD (KRON) — Fairfield police arrested a teen boy Monday night for allegedly possessing a replica gun, according to police.

Police said somebody reported a teen with a handgun at around 8:45 p.m Monday. The witness told police she saw the 16-year-old boy insert a magazine into the gun and then place the handgun into his waistband.

The witness’s family member followed the boy while talking to police. When the boy and his friend¬†went inside a business in the 2500 block of N. Texas Street, officers detained them, police said.

The boy was identified as a Fairfield resident. Police found a black plastic BB gun, with an insertable magazine that held several BBs, on the boy.

The boy was arrested and later released. He was cited for possessing a replica firearm, with safety features removed.

“The Fairfield Police Department would like to remind citizens that removing an orange tip from a replica gun is a crime and will be enforced by the Fairfield Police Department,” police said in a press release.

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