Video: Concord police investigating violent armed robbery at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, case turns cold


CONCORD (KRON) — A violent armed robbery investigation at a Concord Five Guys Burgers and Fries has turned cold.

Police said they are out of leads and are now turning to the public for help.

The crime was caught on surveillance video, and investigators gave KRON an exclusive look.

“So the suspect just came in, holding one of the employees at gun point, he grabs the other employee by the neck,” Cpl. Christopher Blakely said. “This was a violent robbery that happened.”

The robbery occurred back on Jan. 17 in the Clayton Valley Shopping Center in Concord. The video has never been seen by the public.

But now that the case has gone cold, Concord police investigators are seeking the community’s help in finding the man holding a gun in the surveillance video.

Five Guys closed at 10 p.m. that night. The gunman entered through an unlocked front door 52 minutes later.

“You’re going to see the suspect enter into through this door right here,” Blakely said. “There is an employee over here who is doing some things, and then you’re going to see another employee over here, the suspect is going to come in, pulls a gun out, points it at one of the employees.”

The video shows a female employee grabbing a mop in one hand and a broom in the other and following the gunman into the cooking area.

“The suspect is holding one of the employees by the front of his shirt while he’s pointing a gun to his back…,” Blakely said.

The female employee is seen following them toward the back office, but she no longer has the broom and mop in her hands.

“And they come through the door,” Blakely said. “He is holding the gun in his right hand, grabs the phone, grabs the other employee by the neck, and then shoves another employee inside of the office. He is basically ordering that employee to open the safe and give him all of the cash, while he is pointing the gun at these two employees…telling them not to say anything not to move.”

This incident took just a few minutes.

Investigators have a limited description of the suspect other than what is in the video. However, the suspect was wearing a very unusual mask to cover his face

“It was a hospital surgical mask that he was wearing across his face…and that’s pretty rare,” Blakely said. “We don’t see too many of those.”

Investigators are hoping to hear from anyone who knows who did this. The manager of Five Guys told KRON the business has been there for five years.

And this is the first and only time the business has been robbed, the manager said.

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