VIDEO: Flights resume from US to Istanbul airport after terror attack


Istanbul, Turkey (AP) — A stoppage of flights to and from the United States and Istanbul Ataturk Airport lasted several hours but has been lifted, said a U.S. official who spoke on background to discuss sensitive security issues.

The official said the stoppage was lifted in the middle of the evening.

The official says 10 passenger flights were in the air, flying from Turkey to the U.S., at the time of the stoppage and they have all landed.

However, cargo planes and corporate jets in the U.S. would have been most affected by the stoppage.

The official says the decision on lifting the stoppage was made in coordination with the Transportation Security Administration.

The terror attack killed 36 people at wounded 147.

At SFO, KRON’s Ella Sogomonian met with travelers who left Turkey just hours before the terror attack. Watch the above video to hear their reaction.

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