Four dogs rescued after trapped in submerged vehicle

Animal Control Officer Mark Garcia rescued the four trapped dogs from the sinking vehicle

SOLANO CO. (KRON) — Four dogs were rescued by a Solano County Animal Control officer from a vehicle that drove into the water off state Highway 37 near Skaggs Island on Thursday.

On Thursday night around 10:00 p.m., the sheriff’s office was informed of the incident, according to Deputy Christine Castillo. The Vallejo Fire Department and California Highway Patrol also responded.

The two occupants of the vehicle left the four dogs behind when they were taken to a hospital, Castillo said.

Animal Control Officer, Mark Garcia, rescued the four trapped dogs from the sinking vehicle.

Garcia did not have a pair of waders in his vehicle so he took off his uniform and put on a pair of orange shorts, according to Castillo. Garcia tried to reach the dogs by climbing across a ladder from the shore to the vehicle but decided to jump into the water instead.

One of the dogs was frightened female pit bull, and the other were one small male pit bull mix and two Chihuahuas, Castillo said.

The dogs calmed down once they were freed from the vehicle and were taken to the animal shelter.

Bay City News contributed to this report.

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