VIDEO: San Jose police cracking down on illegal fireworks


SAN JOSE (KRON) — There is a new ordinance in San Jose designed to put a stop to the use of illegal fireworks in the city of San Jose.

And as KRON’s Rob Fladeboe reports, the crackdown has already begun. San Jose police Sgt. Rick Galea is part of the illegal fireworks enforcement detail.

The detail made its first bust, as they followed up on a complaint from a resident near McLaughlin Avenue and Interstate 280.

Section: Fourth of July

The second bust resulted from a covert enforcement where Sgt. Galea had arranged to buy illegal mortar-type fireworks from a seller via the internet.

Between now and Tuesday, police in marked and unmarked vehicles will be cruising around town, past city parks, and other known fireworks hot spots.

They will be following up on tips from residents, who can report offenders by way of a form on the city’s website.

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