Sources: 2 Richmond firefighters connected with Oakland police sex scandal


RICHMOND (KRON) — The ever-widening sex scandal that has tainted a number of Bay Area law enforcement agencies is now expanding to a local fire department.

The woman at the center of the scandal, Celeste Guap, has confirmed to KRON that others who work in public service are being swept into the investigations of misconduct.

KRON has confirmed that two Richmond firefighters are now under scrutiny for their reported involvement with the 18-year old Guap.

KRON’s Haaziq Madyun reports they are just the latest individuals in Richmond under fire.

There are reports that a pair of Richmond police school resource officers are among those being investigated for alleged sexual misconduct with Celeste Guap.

“Those articles in fact did mention specific officers,” Richmond Mayor Tom Butt said.

Butt tells KRON that he read the news reports and would not confirm any names of officers under investigation.

“I can tell you that no action has been taken against any of them yet,” Butt said. “The investigation so far is confidential. The police department is committed to seeing it through to whatever consequences it comes to.”

The three Richmond police officers whose names have been made public are the same three names Guap mentioned to KRON in a text.

“I’ve hooked up with 5 but only willing to say 3 names Andre Hill, Jerred Tong and Mike Rood,” Guap said via text.

Lt. Andre hill happens to be one of the spokespersons for the Richmond Police Department.

And now, multiple sources tell KRON that Guap is connected to members of the Richmond Fire Department as well, something the 18-year-old at the center of the Bay Area-wide sex scandals doesn’t deny.

Richmond fire told KRON it has no knowledge of any connection between any firefighters and Guap. They referred KRON to the city manager, who was not available.

Mayor Butt said the question becomes whether or not Guap, a self-described call girl, was an adult at the time any alleged sexual activity took place with city employees.

“And that’s important because that is a distinction between these actions being illegal or maybe just being…bad judgment,” Butt said.

Because of the way Richmond’s city government is structured, Butt doesn’t have executive power to hire or fire the chief of police or the fire chief.

He said that is the city administrator’s job

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