VIDEO: Keeping pets safe on Fourth of July


SAN RAMON (KRON) —¬†Fireworks may be fun for families, but for pets, they can be very frightening.

Dogs can get scared and run off, or seriously injure themselves by trying to escape the noise.

Animal experts said since dogs and cats have a higher range of hearing, Fourth of July fireworks can sound like a war zone to them.

KRON spoke with a doctor at an animal hospital in San Ramon who said there are multiple things you can do to keep your pets safe and feel more comfortable.

“Turn the radio or the TV on, give them their favorite toy to keep them calm and try not to be nervous yourself because they’ll feel that,” Bolinger Canyon Animal Hospital Veterinarian¬†Dr. Sandy Block said.

“It’s important your dog is identified, microchipped ideally in case they get out of their collar, definitely should have the collar on with their tags. I think the big thing is to try to keep them as calm as you can, and if you know your dog has this, don’t leave them alone,” Block added.

She also said in severe cases, there is medicine on the market that can also help calm pets down.

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