Video: Unprecedented number of whales migrating along Pacifica coastline


PACIFICA (KRON) — An unprecedented number of whales are migrating along the Bay Area coastline, and it is creating quite a spectacle.

Andy Pappas has been watching whales off his back deck of his Pacifica home for 48 years. And this year, Mother Nature seems to have sponsored quite a large parade.

“Oh my goodness! There’re so many whales this year, the most I’ve seen since I lived here,” Pappas said. “They are completely out of the water sometimes, and sometimes, they’re two together.”

Right now, we are getting mostly humpback and gray whales migrating along our coastline.

Andy said the reason we are seeing so many is because of food.

“(They) are chasing the anchovies and also the mackerel,” Pappas said.

While it helps to have visual assistance when you live high up on the hill like Andy, out in the Pacifica Pier, you don’t even need binoculars. That is because the whales are swimming about a quarter mile offshore.

Pappas, also know as “Crab King,” comes out to the pier a few times a week.

“It’s a wonderful sight, and it really lights up your life to see them,” Pappas said. “If you get a chance, please come on down to the beautiful town of Pacifica and visit our pier. Thank you all,” he said.

Pappas said the whale show is something that everyone should enjoy.

Plus, the price is just right.

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