Firefighters continue to battle fires statewide

A home is fully engulfed in a fire caused by a fast burning wildfire in the section of South Lake near Lake Isabella, Calif. on Friday, June 24, 2016. Dozens of homes burned to the ground as a wildfire raged over ridges and tore through rural communities in central California, authorities said. (Ryan Babroff via AP)

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Thousands of firefighters are continuing to battle wildfires burning throughout the state.

In a statement released by CAL Fire, more than 1,500 firefighters remain battling 9 wildfires in Calif. two have been contained, but two new fires have broke out.

Some of the most recognizable fires is the Fiddler Fire in Shasta County, and it is at 450 acres and 30 percent contained.

Another important fire is the Fort Kire Fire in Kern County, and it is at 554 acres and 50 percent contained.

The wildfires have scorched thousands of acres in northern, southern and central Calif. and officials say temperatures in the area make it difficult to contain the fires.

Due to the recent drought and severe weather, wildlife areas are most vulnerable, according to officials.

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