Protesters march in San Francisco blocking highway on-ramp

San Francisco (KRON) –Protesters were at it again Saturday in San Francisco.

Black lives matter organized another march through town — the third consecutive day of bay area protests.

Traffic was at a stand still on the bay bridge.

The backup was a result of the protests that made their way onto Interstate 80.

KRON 4’s Spencer Blake was following along with them.

Police were trying to stay one step ahead of them. While they wanted to allow protesters their first amendment rights, they also did what they could to keep them off the freeway.

The chanting began on Bryant Street.

“Our young men, our young warriors, who keep getting killed without just cause, without just cause,” one of the protesters said

The prayers and posters were coming from a group that was much smaller than the one that managed to stop traffic on I-880 Thursday.

It was a big enough group that police and their motorcycles blocked an on ramp to keep protesters away.

Soon they started marching down Harrison, Seventh, and then catching a lot of eyes on Market Street.
Police were following along the way trying to clear a path for them

“We’re just monitoring the crowd, making sure everybody’s safe, both on the protesters’ end, and ya know – the folks that are out here visiting the city,” said Sgt. Anderson of the San Francisco Police Department

“It’s been fine. We’re all coming together trying to, ya feel me, make it known that the police gotta stop because they keep killing everybody,” said protester Genasis Johnson.

“I’m tired of being neglected, disrespected, and judged based on the color of my skin,” said protester Hezekiah Walker.

Though the rally stayed physically peaceful, one of the most fiery verbal exchanges was people chanting,
“This end, fight back.”

“I don’t dislike all police. Just the ones who did wrong,” Walker said.

After a couple of hours marching, protesters finally made it to the Bay Bridge on ramp at Essex, and you could see police lined up blocking the Bay Bridge. That was one thing they absolutely do not want is for protesters to be able to block the bridge. Protesters told KRON 4, however, that’s exactly their goal

KRON 4 asked protesters if they have anything to say to people who get stuck on the freeway.

“We’re not trying to stop your day, but we just want peace,” one protester said.

After this response, KRON then asked protesters why they were trying to get onto the freeway.

“Because the police are blocking it off. They won’t let us get on. But we gonna get on. We gonna get on.”

After the Essex on-ramp, the group moved to the Fremont street off-ramp which was closed for a while before they moved on from there.

Police say both of those freeway ramps are now back open.

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