San Francisco bans the sale of styrofoam-like containers

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – San Francisco is saying goodbye to those squeaky, Styrofoam-like coffee cups that have long been a staple of picnic outings.

In fact, people in San Francisco won’t be able to buy polystyrene foam coolers, kiddie pool toys or packing peanuts after supervisors approved a measure in June that goes far beyond the prohibition on foam food carryout containers in effect in dozens of U.S. cities and counties.

Environmentalist are cheering San Francisco’s ban. They say the lightweight plastic pollutes waterways, harms wildlife and takes too long to decompose.

Detractors, however, say the legislation does nothing to stop foam-wrapped goods that are shipped into the city

The ban on the retail sale of foam goods is effective Jan. 1. The prohibition on meat and fish trays is effective July 1.

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