Tourists feeding bears cause outrage

In this June 22, 2016 photo provided by Theodore L. Hatch, a black bear rests in his backyard in Scarborough, Maine. Complaints of nuisance bears have increased this year as dry weather conditions and the early emergence of spring conspired to bring humans into more contact with black bears in New England. (Theodore L. Hatch via AP)

TENNESSEE (KRON)—There have been countless stories of how protective mother bears can be around their cubs, so an encounter is raising eyebrows in Tennessee.

Tourists renting a cabin in Gaitlinburg started feeding a black bear cub when it wandered up to the cabin.

When they posted photos on Facebook, it caused outrage.

Not only is it illegal in Tennessee to feed bears, but it can turn tragic.

Tennessee wildlife officials went after the cabin renters, and cited the unidentified tourists for breaking the law.

They say when bears get too comfortable around people, it’s unsafe for people, and there’s no alternative but to kill the bears.

“Fed bear is a dead bear,” according to one park visitor.

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