Throwback to the Past: Pokémon Go Becomes Viral Sensation

Pokemon Go (KRON)

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Young adults born in the 1990s are getting a chance to relive their childhood in an adult manner. Forget the GameBoys, Pokémon has taken over smartphones.

From iPhone to Android devices, Pokémon Go launched last week and it already has over millions of downloads on each platform.

Young adults who played the game frequently can now play it in ways that they couldn’t before.

Using your phone’s location, you are urged to go outside and find the Pokémon and capture them through the use of pokéballs.

Users gain XP points based on how well they and how often they play.

The new sensation has gone viral. Memes are floating around all over the Internet and it seems like everyone is either loving it or not.

Either way, it seems that the popular ’90s cartoon is back in 2016 with a new twist that adds uniqueness to your inner child.

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