VIDEO: Man fights flood to save parents, gets E. coli


WILLS CREEK, West Virginia (KRON) — Some incredible tales of survival have emerged following last month’s flash floods in West Virginia.

One man braved dire conditions to save his parents and nearly lost his life in the process.

Chris Vance is now fighting the E. coli infection after breaking through windows to save his parents from the flooding.

Neither Chris nor his parents can swim.

He grabbed a pool raft and dog paddled with one arm out to their house.

“Next thing I know, I heard glass busting, and he was hollering, C’mon mom, C’mon mom!” mother Frances Vance said. “Chris pulled buttercup out the window, put her in the boat, then he god a hold of me, pulled me out too!”

“I had a little paddleboat and I held it,” Chris said. “My mom got on it, and then I slid it out, held it to mom, turned it around, dad got on it.”

Frances Vance said her other son’s home next door was also destroyed in the flooding.

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