VIDEO: Napa church reopens after being badly damaged in 6.0 earthquake


NAPA (KRON) — In the North Bay, a Napa congregation celebrated the re-opening of their chapel this past weekend.

The church, like many older buildings in Napa, was badly damaged by an earthquake almost two years ago.

On Monday afternoon, KRON visited the church, and he also checked on the progress of repair work at several earthquake-damaged buildings across the city.

On the morning of Aug. 24, 2014, the South Napa Earthquake shook the entire Bay Area and caused widespread damage across the City of Napa.

In the hours after the quake, members of the First Presbyterian Church worried that their historic chapel might not survive. The foundation, walls, and irreplaceable stained glass windows had all suffered heavy damage.

Nancy Richardson was stunned.

“The day we went in there and saw everything, the crumbling, it was rather scary,” resident Richardson said.

But almost two years later, and with nearly $2 million in donations collected, the church has repaired the damage and re-opened its doors. They held their first services this past Sunday.

Napa County building

Across downtown Napa, much of the damage from the quake has been repaired and cleaned up, but there is still a lot of working going on.

Just a few blocks from the church, the earthquake badly damaged large sections of the roof and outer wall of the Napa County building. Two years later, repair work continues here.

Metal braces are still supporting the walls to keep them from collapsing.

Across the street, another brick building hard hit by the earthquake is the Center Building. After the quake, several sections of the outer wall fell away.

Two years later, some repairs have been made but the building is still tagged uninhabitable.

Down the street, an entire corner of the third floor of the Alexandria Building fell away during the earthquake, but anyone walking by now would never know how bad the damage was.

And finally, just across Main Street, the Sam Kee Laundry Building is one of the oldest buildings in Napa, and it was hard hit by the quake.

Almost two years later, the damage has been completely repaired.

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