Police officer let go after controversial Facebook post about Black Lives Matter protest

(Photo: WATE)

VONORE (KRON) — A police officer in Tennessee was let go after posting a controversial statement regarding the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

On Facebook, Christopher Kimsey suggested to run over protesters who were blocking the freeway in order to force them to move, according to KRON’s Media General affiliate WATE.

The post read:

Quit blocking for them and run them over. They will move. I don’t see any crosswalks or pedestrian right of way signs. Run over a few and the rest will move.

The post have since been deleted.

The Vonore Police Department told WATE that are aware of the post. However, it was not said if the post was a factor in Kimsey’s departure.

Kimsey worked for the office since January. It is not clear if Kimsey was fired or quit.

Protesters around the nation have taken to the streets to protest the recent police shootings of black men.

In Oakland, a protest last week shut down I-880 for hours.

WATE contributed to this report

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