Report: Robot security guard may have injured toddler at Peninsula mall


SAN MATEO COUNTY (KRON) — A big scare reportedly for a family on the Peninsula.

According to reports, a robot security guard, which patrols a popular mall, may have injured a toddler.

Reports have surfaced that a 16-month old boy might have an injured leg after the robocop allegedly ran him over. The alleged incident took place at the Stanford shopping center.

KRON’s Gabe Slate spoke with the company that makes these robots. He talks to the Knightscope team.

“The safety of our shoppers is always our highest priority. We are investigating this incident thoroughly and the K-5 units have been docked until the investigation is complete,” a mall spokesperson said in a statement.

The K-5 units have all kinds of sensors to avoid objects and people. Knightscope is looking into how this child might have circumvented the sensors, and will make alterations to the robots if necessary.

“We have clocked over 35,000 hours of operation, over 25,000 miles, and this is the first reported such incident, so to have an accident, or potential accident like this happen is something we are taking very very seriously,” Stacy Stephans of Knightscope said.

Watch the above video to see Gabe’s full report.

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