VIDEO: Caltrans launches I-80 SMART Corridor Project, aims to ease traffic


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Get ready for a “smarter” way to drive in the East Bay.

Caltrans is launching the Interstate 80 SMART Corridor Project.

This project will be implementing a network of new electronic signs, ramp meters, and other elements on the I-80 corridor between the Carquinez Bridge and the Bay Bridge.

The changes are meant to enhance driver safety, improve travel time, and reduce accidents and congestion.

Drivers will see new ramp meters that show a continuous green light for two weeks to alert drivers that metering will begin.

Caltrans is planning to have the whole system up and running by Labor Day.

“All this is to get traffic moving much more quickly,” Executive Director of the Alameda County Transportation Commission Art Dao said. The project has been a collaboration between Caltrans, Dao’s agency and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority.

The ramp meters will be activated in phases to help people merge onto I-80 smoothly and safely.

Next, you’ll see these new overhead electronic signs. The signs will display colored arrows, X’s, and speed limits.

Then, the traffic information boards will begin showing regional congestion and travel times.

These signs will allow you to choose the best route to get to your destination.

And finally, the local street signs also known as “trailblazer” signs.

These will help you navigate around an incident if you exit the freeway onto city streets.

And the signs will let you now when you have passed the incident and should get back on the highway.

Bay City News also contributed to this report.

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