Report: Youth suicide has increased since 2003 in Santa Clara County


SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KRON) — Youth suicide has been on the increase since 2003 in Santa Clara County, according to a new report.

The report said teen suicide is higher among males than females and often preceded by mental health issues.

Those are among the findings of a preliminary report released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control.

The study was commissioned by the County Health Department in response to suicides on the Caltrain tracks in Palo Alto.

A total of 10 kids took their own lives between 2009 and 2015. The report puts forth several recommendations, including outreach to troubled teens, crisis intervention, and ramping up efforts to prevent bullying.

The report focused not just on those suicides along the Caltrain tracks but on youth suicides across Santa Clara County going back to 2003.

The health department says a final report will include analysis of trends and related behaviors.

That report is due out later this year.

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