Teen accused of raping child, 3, at home daycare

TRINITY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida teen is accused of a disturbing crime, detectives say he raped a 3-year-old child at a daycare that is operated at his home.

16-year-old Lucius Isaiah Gibson, known as Isaiah to friends, is accused of inserting his penis into the mouth of the child at his mother’s in-home daycare, Thomas Gibson Family Day Care, which is also known as Jacque’s Teddy Bear Care on Facebook.

The alleged abuse happened during nap time, documents from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office show.

Neighbors describe it as the kind of crime that “makes them sick.”

People who live in the quiet, palm tree-dotted street in the well-manicured Trinity neighborhood tell us that they never would have suspected that an alleged case of horrific child molestation was going on next door.

A young man who lives across the street, who asked not to be identified, speaks highly of the husband and wife, whose only son is at the center of this case. The mother runs the family daycare, which passed an inspection as recently as April.

The young neighbor tells WFLA, “I can’t believe it. That’s not like them at all. They’re such nice people, such a nice family. I was going to help Isaiah get in shape for football. This is horrible.”

“I just never thought something like this was going on across the street. It really is sad,” the young neighbor added.

Gibson was charged with sexual battery- rape.

At this time, detectives are trying to determine if there are more victims involved in this case. The detective in charge of the investigation is speaking with members of the media at 1 p.m. to outline more details of this disturbing case.

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